Welcome & thank you!

First off I want to say thank you for loving yourself enough to even visit this website. It takes tremendous courage to be honest with yourself and even more to open up to someone else. The moment we decide we no longer have to be living the way we are with the mental and/or physical pain is the moment we begin to heal. Coming to the realization that you are worthy of a healthy and happy life is not as easy as it sounds. This is because from the moment we are born until 7 years old our filter between the conscious and subconscious (SC) mind is as open as the borders used to be. What this means is EVERYTHING we see, hear, and feel gets recorded, verbatim, into our SC mind. The SC is there to protect you. That is its job. So, if you experienced something that gave you a shock or scare when you were little your SC mind records that and tries to make sure you do not ever have to feel that again in the same way by creating the belief that whatever it was that scared you is going to do it again and it’s going to be bad so be on alert! So, you then believe that to be true. Let me give you an example. When I was 3 years old, I was bitten in the face by a dog (more about my lessons in the next post). This dog was old and sick, and I stuck my face right up to his to pet him and he snapped. What I came to believe was that all dogs are going to do the same thing. My SC gave me this belief to protect me, and I was terrified of dogs for some time. Luckily, I had parents who made sure I knew that not all dogs were going to hurt me, and I had the evidence of my darling dog Sabre whom I grew up with. Had I not had that help when I was young, I would still be terrified of dogs to this day and to tell you the truth, when one comes running up to me, my first instinct is to protect myself. It is a small voice, and I am not filled with terror but a little caution. This saved my son when a dog charged for his face but got my backside instead…lucky dog ;). So, my SC is still protecting me and in turn protected my son but with the work my family put in to helping me realize a different perspective I don’t run away screaming for fear of my life. Not all issues are quite as clear to any support system you may have, or not, so they get tucked away festering, building and altering your personality. Now, not only do we create beliefs from our experiences, especially when we are young, but we create patterns as well. If I believe all dogs are bad, my SC is going to pick out and highlight all the evidence it can find for this belief to be true and every experience I have surrounding this issue builds and builds the feeling of terror, fear, anxiety etc etc. And these feeling get cemented in my body making it easier and easier for me to feel them. In fact, my body starts to become dependent on the cocktail of chemicals my brain is releasing when I find evidence of my issue, so I find more and more. And at the same time, I am cluttering up and muddying my energy field making things even worse. My meridians are blocked, and energy cannot flow freely through my body to create good health and balance. To create a calm and happy nervous system that is the foundation for inner peace. Same goes with any issue. Just think about that for a minute. If you had this issue with dogs but you see people who have them and are not scared, what are they thinking? What is their reality? Are they wrong and I am right? Is there a right and wrong way to think? Can I be as carefree as them? What if I take the time to understand why I think the way I do? What if I love myself enough to ask for help with my issue? What if this help works? If you want help you will receive it. If you want to heal you can and the abundance of modalities, I use with you and teach you are incredible tools for doing just that. Incredible tools to empowering yourself. I created ‘A Place in the Sun’ to be a warm and loving place to support, embrace and teach people in their time of personal change. All of us, all the trees, the leaves, the grass, the flowers are all searching for our Place in the Sun where we can feel loved, empowered, and grow strong.