Reiki Wellness: Unlock Your Bound Energy

What is Reiki?

Reiki is energy healing that originated from Japan. As a kind of alternative medicine, it makes use of the reiki master’s palm to circulate “universal energy” throughout the body. The patient will then experience rejuvenation and healing during and even after the session.

Origins of Reiki

Traditional reiki was developed and taught by Mikao Usui until his death in 1926. He had around 2,000 followers during his life and practice. His teachings were then passed on to others who were interested in providing reiki wellness healing. In the United States, reiki treatments were said to have been started by Hawayo Takata in 1970. Reiki workshops and its practice then spread further throughout the world.

Reiki Practitioner Locator

Kelly Hobson is a trusted Reiki practitioner in Victoria, BC. She will guide you through your mindfulness practice and healing journey. She holds transformative reiki sessions that aim in providing you with the foundation for wholistic healing.

Typical Reiki Session

Reiki wellness starts with the qi. The body works through energy pathways connected by the qi; and, manipulating it can give you amazing resulted.

Your reiki master will move her palms lightly over key points of your body. The touch is light and non-intrusive. You will feel the release of energy blockages and an attunement with the restorative frequency within you.

Try our reiki treatments and experience its positive healing effects. Book an appointment today.

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